09 January, 2008

Jubilant and Joyous

Modesto's eyes sparkle under the fluorescent light of the convenience store."I got a place."He tells me an address, but I can't understand his clipped English. "I gotta room," he says proudly. Points towards downtown. "The Royal Hotel". He pulls the key out of his pocket," rm. 116. "How much is the room?""It free. I had a meeting with the Mayor. Room for now, then a house with a yard.""Meeting with the mayor?""Last week," he says shaking his head."Do you have a stove?""No, is one room, no kitchen," he replies, "tomorrow I get my check gonna by me a hot plate"."You've got to be careful with those,""Don't worry. I know how to use. Very safe."

He goes into the convenience store to collect his couple of dollars for sweeping the sidewalk. He is sober, his clothes are clean, and his work gloves brand new. I find Isabelle and her the story. She shakes her head. "He told me the same thing a few days ago." Like me, Isabelle believes it's possible that Modesto had a meeting with the mayor.

Is this another delusion? Am I delusional for thinking his tale could be true? His happiness feels genuine. But delusions can be the source of genuine happiness. It's great to see him so happy. Meeting with mayor or not, it *is* possible that Modesto has a room.

I can't believe how much I want it to be true.

1 comment:

  1. It's true! Modesto *did* have a room!

    Not sure about the meeting with the mayor, though.