26 October, 2008


Another warm night South of Market. I went to the show at Fat City. I asked B** if he'd seen Modesto. "Modesto had a stroke".

I was shocked. "How do you know this?"
"One of the homeless guys in the neighborhood said so."

I asked how reliable the "source" was. B** said he didn't really know; he'd just heard this from Hiroshi. I asked Hiroshi, "Where's Modesto, what happened to him?"
Hiroshi said, "He's probably at (San Francisco) General."
I had so many questions, but I could barely hear myself or Hiroshi over the music.
"Is there a way of checking on him without knowing his last name?"
Hiroshi shook his head, no.

What will happen to Modesto? I want to see him. How do you get information on a patient when you don't know his last name?