03 December, 2007


This weekend was the coldest of the year. I see Modesto and wonder how he fared in the cold. "I have no blanket, someone stole it" he says.

Once in my apt., I drop off my packages in the kitchen and quickly grab a heavy grey blanket. "Here you go, amigo, keep it safe".

"Don't worry, I keep it here" he says as he puts it in a bucket with his other belongings.

One of our friends is moving away. I want Modesto to give him a mesage. "Modesto, dice a nosotros amigo, hmmmm, I'm not sure exactly what I want to say".

"Not good-bye," he says. "Good-bye no good." He turns his head up and points to the sky. "You say goodbye, it means you die".

"Ok. Then, tell him I say hello".

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