08 October, 2007

Gift for Modesto

Finding a gift for someone who has and needs next to nothing poses a challenge. I didn't want to give him anything that would invite theft. At the Powell street turn-around there were about half-a-dozen different crafts booths. "Bracelets Your Name Five Minutes". I had "Modesto" woven with threads of warm brown, copper and yellow against a black background. Colors to blend in with his sun-toasted skin.
Modesto was walking toward me, broom in hand, when I got off the bus at 11th and Folsom. "Modesto, how does it feel to be 61?"
"I'm sixty! Born 1947". His eyes glimmered.
"Modesto, I have something for you". I held the bracelet up against his wrist.
"No," he said. "I can't wear. I'm too dirty, need to shower."
I had never noticed the black on his hands.
As we turned the corner he said, "I need to make a few dollars. Get something to drink. I'm alcoholic. Gotta work."

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