16 November, 2008

Any News on Modesto?

Dear reader,

Please forgive my negligence. I haven't kept up and now there's so much to tell.

Here's a quick update copied from an email I sent to Audrey. Audrey lives in the neighborhood. I had sent a distraught message to the neighborhood group, desperate for information. Audrey asked for news of "Cookie". (Yet another nick-name, details to come.)

November 14th

Great news! Modesto is out of the hospital. He's doing fine. He didn't have a stroke after all. He was hit by a drunk driver in the FoodsCo parking lot and ended up at SF General for about 7 weeks. I don't know if the driver was caught. I don't know about the details of his injuries, except that he has seven stitches in his leg and pins in his ankle. He was given a wheelchair. He looks much healthier. Hiroshi has been helping him out, giving him rides back & forth to the hospital. He has a room now, but it's the kind of place where people get robbed so he's been going back to the hospital and sleeping in the emergency room.

Considering he was hit by a drunk driver, he's extremely lucky.

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