21 October, 2007

Broken Glass

I head out for a walk. I have the bracelet with me. Here comes Modesto. "What's up Modesto?"
"I gotta make a dollar. No problem. I'll make it," he said smiling.
I'll wait for a better time to give him the bracelet.

Modesto stands in front of "Wish". One of the bartenders is lighting a cigarette for him. Modesto's hands are cupped around the cigarette. He inhales, then looks up and sees me. We both cross the alley meeting in the middle. He points about half-way down the block. Some guys are smoking and drinking.
"Broken glass and cans," he says.
"They broke bottles?" I ask.
"Is ok. I go clean up." he says.
"Modesto, wait, I've got something for you." I take out the woven bracelet and give it to him. He turns it over in his hands and examines the bracelet, not quite sure what to make of it. "It says Modesto. Keep it with you, in case you forget your name," I joke.
He looks at the bracelet, slips it into his coat pocket and goes to sweep up the broken glass.

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